Welcome to the Bullroarer Echo!

MAIEM! Welcome to the first newsletter of the year called Bullroarer Echo, for my small business The Bullroarer – Connecting Through Culture. Check out the blog posts for Bullroarer Echo articles.

My name is Michelle Tyhuis and I am proud to be Zenadth Kes (Torres Strait Islander). I have been a media, graphic design and visual art professional for the past 23 years. My main aspiration over this time has been to provide a means for First Nations people to share their voice and views, and to improve overall health and wellbeing through informed choices.

As the sole trader of The Bullroarer I offer clients across Australia the opportunity to contract my professional skills as a journalist, graphic designer and visual artist on First Nations communications projects and artwork commissions.

Since 2019, The Bullroarer is home for a growing library of self-published cultural resources which are for sale through my online shop. The most popular of which is My Deadly Book About Me, 78 pages, and My Deadly Cultural Support Guide, 110 pages.

My business is 100% First Nations owned and operated and is shared with my three sons – whom have Koori ancestry on their father’s side.

Seeking Sponsors for New Book

Introducing Australia’s next amazing cultural resource for First Nations people!

Become a Sponsor of this high quality 260 page book for widespread benefits for your organisation, the First Nations individuals you support, and for First Nations families and communities across Australia.

An exclusive information book for potential sponsors is available upon request. Please email michelle@thebullroarer.com to get a copy!


Cultural Health Record Book is currently unfunded and in need of crucial support to enable it to come to life through professional printing. The publication is a Bullroarer Publishing initiative that will add to our collection of cultural resources.

All the hard work has been done on Cultural Health Record Book – hundreds of hours of concept development, drafting, layout and design. Now I’m ready to share the excitement with my new sponsors with its 2023 official launch.

Sponsorship funding provides an amazing kick-start to publication. It also provides a range of benefits for sponsors through brand association and access to the copyright material (plus more!).

I care about publishing sustainability and timeless book availability. Sales income generated ensures future reprints and the development of supporting resources.

Price Increase Notice

We’ve proudly kept our prices the same since launching in 2019, but sadly can no longer take on the added costs.

Our ability to replenish stock has taken a massive hit due to the impact of rapidly increasing printing, packing and postage fees. This has unfortunately affected book availablity for early 2023 – until we get back on our feet.

With your understanding and support our small family business can keep publishing your favourite resources and much more in to the future.

Copyright Licensees List

Here is a list of my amazing supporters – people and places who are sharing My Deadly Book About Me (MDBAM) with First Nations young people in their local community. Thank you so much for your contribution to culture & community:

Yule Brook College (Maddington, WA)

Silver Lining School (Mungalla, Ficks Crossing, Cairns and Spring Hill, QLD)

DCJMA Youth Justice Service Centres (Gold Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Roma, Cherbourg, Western Districts, and Redlands, QLD)

Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation (Wooloongabba, QLD)

Tracy Richards Psychological Services (Townsville, QLD)

Kambu Aboriginal and Islander Corporation for Health (Ipswich, QLD)

Carlisle Adventist College (Beaconsfield, QLD)

Thank you to Copyright Licence holders of My Deadly Book About Me – your support in sharing the cultural resource with First Nations people in your community is appreciated and valued. May 2023 be a a great year for you!


A copyright license allows the holder to photocopy, scan and distribute pages inside the book with First Nations people in their workplace and community.

A common misconception is that a copyright license entitles the holder to a digital copy of the book – this is not the case. It is simply a fee paid to the author for legal use of the copyright material. Our book is available only in hard copy format.

Bulk Order Bargains

If you’ve purchased cultural resources in bulk in 2022 or the years before, The Bullroarer are offering you the chance to order at the original prices, for all of 2023. The price freeze is on bulk orders only.

Orders of 50 or more books receive additional discounts on freight. More than 100 books receive even greater discounts – contact us to find out more!

To claim your bulk order bargain, you need to email to request an invoice. It cannot be claimed (or payment reversed) if you order and pay online.

MDBAM Journey Check-In

Get in touch if you are in need of support while using any of the cultural resources. Online support via email or text is available anytime you need it.

Also, your story is important to the MDBAM community. When you have time, email a short paragraph telling us anything you’d like – feedback, challenges, advice to others, activity updates, pics. Your time will be rewarded with a discount voucher.


NEW! All Copyright holders become automatic Book Club Members. The benefits of this club include access to a community of support.

Deadly Design Kiosk – Retainers

Short Term Retainer Agreements Available Now!

Businesses don’t always have the communications support they need. Sometimes you just need a little boost, but not a major investment in media and marketing resources. Does this sound like your situation?

Smart marketing and crisp communications with clients and stakeholders play a huge part in the strength and success of a business.

Whether you need flyers, brochures, posters or even postcard invitations to your next event – then The Bullroarer can help!

Our graphic designer can assist with whatever you need to make your vision a reality – from copywriting, image correction and artistic styling, to graphic design and layout.

The Bullroarer Business Retainer Agreement start at $250 per week, on a month-to-month basis. During the retainer, you can contact our graphic designer at any time to query, collaborate or assign more work.

This is a unique opportunity to have access to this type of immediate graphic design support for your business – so you can send items to print in the very near future!

Important Points:

  • The Retainer Agreement does not include the cost of printing – simply choose your printer and The Bullroarer will prepare any files to their specification.
  • The Retainer Agreement includes a minimum non-refundable weekly fee. Extra work is billed as per The Bullroarer Price Guide 2023. We don’t proceed with extra work unless approved by your business.
  • Two-weeks deposit is needed to confirm and commence the agreement – with a month-by-month review on the working agreement.

To find out more or to express your interest, please email michelle@thebullroarer.com

What’s Ahead in 2023

This year The Bullroarer will be focussed on continuing our important connections with culture and community using creative communications and the arts.

CULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING on First Nations mixed-media projects.

PUBLICATION, SALES & DISTRIBUTION – of ‘My Deadly Book About Me’ products via online shop.

NEW PUBLICATION RELEASE – exciting opportunity to be Content Contributors or Sponsors on a big health book!

BUSINESS RESIDENCY RETAINERS – short term access to a First Nations communications professional.

OUR DEADLY BOOK CLUB SEMINARS – guest speaking opportunities on topics of interest. Coming Soon!

ARTWORK COMMISSIONS – specialising in First Nations canvas art and digital illustrations for businesses and community-based services.

Deadly Customers of 2022

The Bullroarer proudly publishes the popular My Deadly Book About Me and supporting resources which are for sale via our online shop.

Since the launch MDBAM in July of 2019 we’ve been so thankful for the loyalty and kindness of returning customers. These customers have been purchasing our books, poster and magnets in bulk and incorporating them into their First Nations client engagements.

Selling cultural resources in bulk helps us to maintain stock levels and invest in new book publications. The new books are created to enrich the valuable work of the same customers who support us.

Thanks and recognition are extended to our Loyal Customers whom ordered the majority of our cultural resources last year:

  • CYJMA, across QLD (especially Jan Andrews!)
  • FACS, across NSW
  • Life Without Barriers, QLD
  • Dept of Education Hope Island Regional Office, QLD
  • Taungurung Clans Aboriginal Corporation, Broadford VIC
  • Winanga-li Aboriginal Child & Family Centre, Gunnedah NSW
  • Marr-Grogan, Wauchope NSW
  • Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency, Chirnside Park VIC
  • Yule Brook College, Maddington WA
  • Silver Lining Foundation Australia, QLD
  • Waijungbah Jarjums – Women, Newborn, Childrens Service, Gold Coast QLD
  • First Nations Womens Legal Services Qld, Townsville QLD
  • Jabalbina, Manunda QLD
  • Althea Projects, Townsville QLD
  • Wuchopperen Health Service, Manoora QLD
  • Kambu Health, Ipswich QLD
  • QUT Oodgeroo Unit, Brisbane QLD
  • Kulkarriya Community School, Fitzroy Crossing, WA
All loyal customers will continue to receive books at the original 2019 price!