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The Bullroarer! dream came alive in 2017.  It was born out of a love and pride of sharing our cultures, and the growing requests from our local community’s early childhood educators to urgently assist them with embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural perspectives across everyday practice.

At the time, our business Creative North Design was already doing this in an informal way with a range of businesses and service providers.  We decided it was time to make it official, and really drive our own campaign of cultural awareness that will ultimately strengthen our communities and inspire & empower the young people who are our future leaders.

So in 2018, we started working under The Bullroarer – Connecting Through Culture!  We are immensely proud we can pour our professional skills, cultural spirituality and personal passions into something so genuinely meaningful, and bound in the best and brightest of intentions.

Our services are tailored to all ages, backgrounds and experience levels and are offered by highly experienced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural artists Andrew Perkins & Michelle Tyhuis, both based in Townsville, North Queensland.

Our Guiding Principles | Our People | Cultural Framework

IMG_20160605_190551Our business is still growing, and finding ways to thrive.  Thank you for your interest & support!  Find us on facebook & instagram to follow our journey

To find out more, please email thebullroarer2018@gmail.com or call 0411 503 801.  Alternatively, check out our Newsletter from 2018 below…

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What the ‘bullroarer’ means to us…

We believe the bullroarer instrument is an everlasting symbol of cross-cultural perspectives, deep listening, open communication and the power of meeting on common ground (with mutual respect and understanding). This ancient instrument has crossed time; from the early beginnings of humanity and across generations and continents, to be both a traditional and contemporary symbol that brings people together to hear and share many voices.

We want to instill the incredible symbolism and power of the bullroarer in the work we do, and how we do business with you. The bullroarer connects with our true spirit because we share voices to connect with others, and believe in the interconnectedness of life itself.

A ‘bullroarer’ is an ancient cultural instrument that is spun in the air to produce a deep roar that people far away can hear and be alerted to act upon its message.
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