My Deadly Book About Me

Retail Price:  $65 each, includes postage & handling (Australia-wide).

My Deadly Book About Me is a 78-page bound book that helps people with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage explore, record and share information about their family history, cultural identity and local community.  ISBN 978-0-646-80399-9

Inside My Deadly Book About Me are 6 chapters which are inspired by the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Children’s Cultural Needs framework (SNAICC, 2012).  Each chapter has up to 12 focus areas (activities) which provide an opportunity to learn more about your unique cultural identity.  Focus areas that aren’t relevant to your history are included to provide further opportunity to grow your own cultural awareness & understanding.

My Deadly Book About Me aims to be culturally diverse and inclusive and encourages people to use the book as a way to strengthen their connection to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultural perspectives.

For a General Audience.  Click here for Book Details.

Bulk Order Discount:  Only $45 each, if ordering 10+ books, plus postage and handling.  Email the order form for a final price on delivery to your region.

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To order My Deadly Book About Me:

1. Request an order form from
2. Fill in order form.  Books are $65, including postage.
3. Make payment, using your phone or mobile number as reference.
3. Return order form via email, with reference number as confirmation.
4. We will email or post your receipt once payment is received.
5. Your order will be dispatched within 7 business days, if stock is available.

Thank you for your support!  20% of profits made from sales go back to our local community through our Major Sponsors – Althea Projects and FEAT!

My Deadly Book About Me is a Collectors Item/Keepsake that has widespread relevance, application and benefits – making it especially unique!


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