What’s Ahead in 2023

This year The Bullroarer will be focussed on continuing our important connections with culture and community using creative communications and the arts.

CULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING on First Nations mixed-media projects.

PUBLICATION, SALES & DISTRIBUTION – of ‘My Deadly Book About Me’ products via online shop.

NEW PUBLICATION RELEASE – exciting opportunity to be Content Contributors or Sponsors on a big health book!

BUSINESS RESIDENCY RETAINERS – short term access to a First Nations communications professional.

OUR DEADLY BOOK CLUB SEMINARS – guest speaking opportunities on topics of interest. Coming Soon!

ARTWORK COMMISSIONS – specialising in First Nations canvas art and digital illustrations for businesses and community-based services.

Published by The Bullroarer - Connecting Through Culture

A small media, art, graphic design and publishing business based in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia.

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